Idols are the most popular thing in the media right now, and the rising idol company Lyriq has a convention to run this weekend. One catch–the virtual idol, Aiko, is malfunctioning. Only one thing can fix Aiko–finding the person who programmed her. But it isn’t easy for a sapient computer program to find her creator–that is, without help. That’s where superfan Hana and a ragtag team of convention attendees come in to save the day.

Title: AIdol
Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Technological Malfunction, Slice of Life, Friendship
Engine: Unity
Playtime: ??
Available on: Windows/Mac/Linux

The Concept

AIdol’s concept came to be in 2011 when a friend and I were discussing virtual idols from Japan, like the vocaloids. I started working on the idea in spring 2011, dropped it for the sake of school, and resumed fleshing out characters in spring 2012. I then moved across the country, from California to Arkansas. In 2013 I announced the project and of course proceeded to drop off the face of the earth once I got a job. In 2014, after about a year of being chronically ill, I started working on the game semi-full-time, as my health permitted. After a small interruption in which I moved back to California with my fiance, I resumed work between commissions, and here we are.

As of early 2015, the script is nearing rough completion. Then the lovely editing process begins.

Potentially Available on: iOS/Android, Steam, Desura, Google Play Store, Amazon Kindle, IndieGameStand, Indievania, Kawagames, Little Indie, Fireflower Games, IndieCity, Gumroad, Shiny Loot,,


Plot: Mystery Corgi, After All
Writing: Mystery Corgi
Ren’Py Programming: Mystery Corgi
Unity Programming: Alvaris Falcon
Characterization: Mystery Corgi, After All
Concept Art: cosmic latte, Aviala, Melowbee, Ezri
Sprites: Melowbee
CGs: Melowbee
Background: konett
Music: Mock Off
GUI: Camya
Fonts: pixelpoiise, Quicksand
Sound Effects:
Beta Testers:
Proof Readers: Cola Cat


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